Footrests for rail vehicles

Electrical and mechanical adjustable footrests for railway vehicles

FRE-AVTRA Series Electrical adjustable footrest for railway vehicles
FRE-CRVIO Series Electrical adjustable footrest for railway vehicles
FRM-ASR Series Mechanical adjustable footrest for railway vehicles
FRF-M7 Series Footrest for railway applications without height adjustment

Footrests with DSD switches allow the driver to operate the driver safety device from an ergonomic seating position while keeping hands free. Additional functions, e.g. for track sanding or horn activation can be integrated. An optional heatable base plate provides additional comfort in winter. Footrests and DSD switches can be found in railway vehicles all around the world. They operate with the utmost safety, reliability, longevity and low maintenance. The quality system for development, manufacturing and assembly in our factory is DIN EN ISO 9001 and IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) compliant. The long term pay-off is the long term in low follow-up costs for service and maintenance and, of course, a high degree of safety over the vehicle‘s many years of operation.
The design of our robust, shockproof and vibration-proof footrests enables a great variety of possible variants.

The mechanically or electrically adjustable footrests can be easily posi- tioned at the desired height just by pressing a pedal or a button. A rugged DSD foot switch is included. Additional functions, e.g. track sanding and/or horn are available on request. The base plate with heating option provides additional comfort in winter. The devices meets all the requirements of the rail vehicle manufacturers and are notable for their solid construction and high reliability.


  • Modular, rugged, maintenance-free
  • Customized design with or without height adjustment
  • Integrated DSD foot switch
  • Optional additional foot switches
  • Optional heatable base plate
  • High vibration and shock resistance


  • Driver’s cabs of locomotives and multiple units
  • Driver’s cabs of trams


Footrests for rail vehicles
Electric elevation control24 / 72 / 110 V DC
Mechanical endurance30,000 operating cycles
PlatformAluminium, steel, ... + anti-sliding cover
IP rating (IEC 60529)(up to) IP64
Switching elementS8xx & S9xx series
DimensionsOn request
Temperature range-50°C ... +70°C
General standardsEN 60077, EN 12663, EN 15085, EN 50121
Fire/smokeEN 45545, BS 6853
Shock and vibration resistanceEN 61373, UIC 651

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