S100/80 – Emergency disconnect switch for industrial trucks

Emergency disconnect switch (NC) with snap-action switch mechanism for battery voltages of up to 48 V DC. Conventional thermal current up to 60 A

Emergency disconnect switch for battery voltages of up to 48 V DC and conventional thermal current up to 60 A.

Schaltbau emergency disconnect switches ensure immediate cut-out by manual operation. Load circuits are closed by pulling the red knob and in an emergency, forcibly ruptured by pushing it down. The positive opening operation guarantees that the contacts open in the event of an emergency.
The knob can be used as key. When engaged to the OFF position it can be removed so as to prevent unauthorized use of the truck.


Emergency disconnect switch with snap-action switch mechanism

The snap-action switch mechanism in the actuation system brings the initiated shutdown procedure automatically to an end. The position of the red signal button is unambiguously given by two defined positions.

Key function: Retractable red knob

The red knob serves simultaneously as a key. The vehicle can be secured against reactivation in the OFF position by turning and pulling out the red knob.

Optimised for the requirements of industrial trucks

The S100/80 emergency disconnect switch has been tested according to EN1175-1: the standard for battery power-operated industrial trucks.

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S100/80 Series
Type of voltageDC
Main contacts, configuration1 x NC
Nominal voltage Un24, 36, 48 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui150 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp2.5 kV
Rated operating current Ie80 A
Conv. thermal current Ith60 A
Contact material main contactsAgSnO2
Aux. contact1 x SPDT S880, optional
Mechanical endurance> 100,000 operating cycles
IP rating (IEC 60529)IP44 above mounting plate, IP30 below mounting plate, IP00 terminals
Mounting orientationvertical
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S100/80 – Emergency disconnect switch up to 48 V DC