CH500, CH800, CH801 – Contactors up to 3,000 V for rail

Single-pole NO contactors for AC and DC (unidirectional). Rated insulation voltage 3,000 V; conventional thermal current 80 A.

CH500 Contactor up to 3 kV with attached electric arc chamber
CH801 Contactor up to 3 kV with attached electric arc chamber and S800 snap-action switches as auxiliary contact.

The CH500, CH800 and CH801 series have been designed for a nominal switching capacity of 70 kW. They are used for the activation of power supply systems and as a main and auxiliary contact of heating registers in heating and air-conditioning systems. The guiding bars on the fixed contacts force the electric arc into the arcing chamber during shutdown.


Unidirectional switching of up to 3,000 V DC

The DC design boasts blowout magnets and guiding bars which drive the electric arc to the attached arcing chambers.

Switchgear in rail carriages
  • Activation contactor of power supply systems
  • Main and auxiliary contactor of heat registers in heating and air-conditioning systems
Auxiliary contacts: Snap-action switch with positive opening operation

The designs of the CH500, CH800 and CH801 series boast one or two S800-series snap-action switches. These report the state of the main contacts reliably to the higher-level control system.

Ambient temperatures: –50°C to +70°C

Due to their approval for rail applications, the contactors can also be used in extreme temperatures.


Type of voltageDC, AC
Main contacts, configuration1 x NO
Nominal voltage Un3 kV DC/AC
Rated insulation voltage Ui5 kV
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp25 kV
Test voltage at 50 Hz for 10 s12.5 kV
Conv. thermal current Ith80 A
Rated switching capacity atU = 3,000 V DC30 A L/R = 1 ms
Rated switching capacity atU = 3,000 V AC 50 Hz30 A cos φ = 1.0
Rated switching capacity atU = 1,500 V AC 50 Hz50 A cos φ = 1.0
Switching cycles per hour(under rated load)30/h
Max. breaking capacity atU = 4,000 V DC80 A L/R = 0 ms
Max. breaking capacity atU = 4,000 V AC 50 Hz130 A cos φ = 1.0
Maximum making capacity (resistive load)250 A
Dynamic limiting current1200 A
Aux. contactCH800: 1 x SPDT, CH801: 2 x SPDT
Coil voltage Us24, 36, 48, 50, 54, 72, 110, 120 V DC
Coil tolerance-30% ... +25%
IP rating (IEC 60529)IP00
Mechanical endurance1 million operating cycles
Temperature range-25 °C ... +70 °C
Weightapprox. 5,000
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