High-voltage contactor up to 4,800 V

Single-pole NO contactor CH1130 AC and DC (semi-bidirectional). Rated insulation voltage 4,800 V; conventional thermal current 250 A.

CH1130 Semi-bidirectional DC contactor with disconnected areas for arc quenching in main and reverse direction.

The AC and DC contactor CH1130 is an update of the CH range tried and tested over many decades, the four series of which it supersedes. The design was completely revised based on the CT range. Accordingly, permanent magnets and ceramic elements are also used for arc quenching in the CH1130; but without the electromagnets of the CT series, the CH is significantly more compact.

With the CH1130, the user possesses an economic and high-grade alternative to the 3 kV contactor (rated insulation voltage 4,800 V). The contactor is used as a pre-charging contactor in power supply systems, as well as a main contactor in heating and air-conditioning systems.


Compact 3 kV contactor for AC and DC

The CH contactor was redesigned based on the CT technology. Since the CH does not require any electromagnetic blowout, the substructure can be omitted.

Semi bidirectional DC version

The CH has two electric arc extinguishing areas. The top area supports the main direction of the current – with full switch-off capacity. The bottom area is used for the reverse direction – with reduced switching capacity.

Visual inspection of the contact state

One part of the top arcing chamber can be removed to inspect the wear condition of the contact pills.

Auxiliary contacts: Snap-action switch with positive opening

The contact condition is illustrated using snap-action switches with positive opening. Different versions are possible, achieved with the switches S826 or S926.

Use in railway technology and power supply

The contactor is especially well-suited as a pre-charging contactor in power supply systems, as well as a main contactor of heat registers in heating and air-conditioning systems. The CH complies with the following railway standards:

  • EN 60077-1 and EN 60077-2
  • EN 61373
Ambient temperatures: –50°C to +70°C

Based on its approval for rail applications (EN 60077-1, EN 60077-2), the contactor also works in extreme temperatures. For temperatures under –40°C, the snap-action switch S926 is used as an auxiliary contact.


Type of voltageDC (semi bidirectional), AC (f < 60 Hz)
Main contacts, configuration1x SPST-NO
Nominal voltage Un3,000 V
Rated operating voltage Ue3,600 V
Rated insulation voltage UNm4,800 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage UNi25 kV
Conv. thermal current Ith250 A
Pollution degree
Overvoltage category
PD3 / OV3
Aux. contact2x S826, silver, DC13/110 V: 0.2 A, 24 V: 2 A
Coil voltage Us24 / 36 / 72 / 110 V DC
Coil tolerance–30 % … +25 % Us
Vibration / Shock (IEC 61373)Class B, Category 1
Mounting orientationhorizontal / vertical
Temperature range–40 °C… +70 °C
Mechanical endurance>2 million operating cycles
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