CF – Multipole AC power contactors for loads up to 600 A and 3,000 V

Multipole AC power contactors for 300 A or 600 A with NO or NC switching chambers and a rated operating voltage up to 3,000 V

CFS3-15-181818000000N-AM-41 3 pole NO contactor, Un bis 1,500 V, 400 Hz, Ith = 300 A, Plastic extinguishing elements

Schaltbau’s new, highly modular CF series begins with a compact 3-pole AC power contactor for loads up to 600 A and 3000 V for inverter-fed alternating current drives with higher frequencies. One special feature are the newly developed switching chambers. These can be universally configured as NO, NC or in combination as a change-over.

An efficient electronic economy circuit reduces power consumption as well as heat loss and saves costs.

CF contactors can be adapted in many ways. The high variance makes the devices interesting for use in many different applications. The innovative switchgear is equally ideal for new projects and modernisation. They can successfully replace cam contactors that have proven themselves over many years. DC variants will follow.


Compact dimensions – high performance range: 3,000 V AC / 3x 600 A, frequencies up to 400 Hz

Minimum dimensions for width, depth and height in this performance class. The shorter “S” versions have one drive, the longer “W” versions have two drives. All air gaps in the contact area are generously dimensioned.
The rated insulation voltage is a maximum of 3,600 V.

Innovative application-dependent arc chamber design – configurable as NO, NC or changeover contact

The arc chamber design is optimized for the planned application. CF contactors have efficient arc chambers with plastic or metal extinguishing elements. Ceramic extinguishing elements are in planning.
Innovative are the newly developed arc chambers. These can be configured as normally open, normally closed or in combination as changeover contacts.

High thermal continuous current 300 A or 600 A through parallel connection of two main contacts each and a high rated short-time withstand current up to 4,000 A

The switching chambers are optimized for 300 A per main contact. By connecting two main contacts in parallel, a continuous thermal current of 600 A can be permanently carried. In addition, the series has a high rated short-time withstand current up to a maximum of 4,000 A. These values are achieved by very high contact forces.

4 auxiliary switches for diagnosis and switching status monitoring

Series CF contactors are equipped with 4 auxiliary contacts. The contact condition is illustrated using snap-action switches with positive opening. Different versions are possible, achieved with the switches S870.

Low energy consumption and low heating thanks to sophisticated coil saving circuit

The pull-in behaviour is controlled by a PWM controller independent of the coil voltage and temperature applied. This ensures a safe and low-bounce switch-on. In holding mode the PWM controller regulates the coil current. This significantly reduces power consumption and heating. At the same time the reliability of the contactor is increased.

Specifications (preliminary data)

Type of voltageAC (f ≤ 400 Hz)
Main contacts, configuration1...6 NO / NC
Nominal voltage UnCFxx-15-...: 1,500 V
CFxx-30-...: 3,000 V
Rated operating voltage UeCFxx-15-...: 1,500 V
CFxx-30-...: 3,000 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp25 kV
Pollution degree
Overvoltage category
Conv. thermal current Ith200 A AC, f ≤ 400 Hz with plastic extinguishing element
200 A AC, f ≤ 400 Hz with metal extinguishing element
300 A AC, f ≤ 400 Hz with plastic extinguishing element
300 A AC, f ≤ 400 Hz with metal extinguishing element
Component categoryA2
Rated short-time withstand current Icw4  kA / T < 100 ms
Auxiliary switches4x SPDT max. with mirror contact function, single-break
Snap-action switches S870: AC-15: 230 VAC/1.5 A; DC-13: 60 VDC/0.5 A
Coil voltage Us24 / 110 V DC
Coil tolerance 0.7 ... 1.25 x Us
Mounting orientationhorizontal, vertical
(do not mount upside down)
Temperature range-40° C ... +70° C
Mechanical endurance1 million op. cycles
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