S310 – Cam switch elements

Single pole cam-operated switching elements for 500 A

S310 C Cam switch element for 500 A with magnetic blowout

Cam-operated switching elements of Schaltbau are designed for DC and AC applications. Notwithstanding their compact design the series feature an extraordinary breaking capacity which is owed to the double-break contacts and long contact travel that make breaking the circuit a safe and reliable job.


  • Switching of high loads
  • Double-break contacts
  • Variants:
    • S310 C for DC with magnetic blowout
    • S310 A for AC without magnetic blowout
  • Optional arc chamber

Arc chamber

  • Optional, to be ordered separately
  • LK-S310: Arc chamber for cam switch elements S310 C

Special variant

  • Presented on this site are only stock items which can be supplied in short delivery time.
  • If you need a special variant feel free to contact us. Maybe the type of switching element you are looking for is among our many special designs. If not, we can also supply customized designs. In this case, however, minumum order quantities apply.


Type of voltageDC, AC
Main contacts, configuration1 x NC
Nominal voltage Un300 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui630 V
Conv. thermal current Ith500 A
Mechanical endurance> 2 million operating cycles
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