S008 – Cam switch elements

Single pole cam-operated switching elements for 25 A and 60 A with permanent or electro-magnetic blowout

S008 P6 Cam switch element for 60 A with permanentmagnetic blowout
S008 K Cam switch element for 60 A with electro-magnetic blowout

Versions with permanent-magnetic blowout

Switching elements with permanent-magnetic blowout can only be used for DC applications. Thus polarity is important with permanent-magnetic blowout. The positive terminal bolt is clearly marked (+). Amperages are embossed in the polar strip of the blowout assembly.

Versions with electro-magnetic blowout

To increase the breaking capacity these cam-operated switching elements feature electro-magnetic blowout by means of a tape-wound coil. They are suitable for switching DC and AC currents. Termination is irrespective of polarity. Amperages are embossed in the polar strip of the blowout assembly.


  • S008 P5 and S008 P6 for Ith 25 A and 60 A:
    • Permanent-magnetic blowout for increased breaking capacity in DC applications
    • Polarity is important with permanent-magnetic blowout. Positive terminal bolt clearly marked (+)
  • S008 G and S008 K for Ith 25 A and 60 A:
    • Electro-magnetic blowout with tape-wound coil for extension of breaking capacity
    • Suitable for switching DC and AC voltages
  • Solid contacts, rugged design, long life
  • Fixed contact and contact bridge hardsilver-plated
  • Arc chamber hinged for inspection of contacts
  • Easy mounting with only one screw

Special variant

  • Presented on this site are only stock items which can be supplied in short delivery time.
  • If you need a special variant feel free to contact us. Maybe the type of switching element you are looking for is among our many special designs. If not, we can also supply customized designs. In this case, however, minumum order quantities apply.


S008 P5 /...P6 /...G /...K
Conv. thermal current Ith25 A: S008 P5, S008 G 60 A: S008 P6, S008 K
Rated insulation voltage Ui400 V
Pollution degree3
Main contacts, configuration1 NC
IP rating (IEC 60529)IP00
Mechanical switching rate120 operations/min.
Electrical endurance10 ... 60 operations/min. depending on load
Mechanical endurance> 3 million operations
Actuator travel4 mm max.
Actuating force4 N
Temperature range-25 °C ... +70 °C
TerminalsM5: S008 P5, S008 G M6: S008 P6, S008 K
Weightapprox. 100 g
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