NF04 BLO – Miniature connector

4-pole battery connector with gold plated spring-loaded contacts

NF04 Series

The 4 pole connector has a rugged design particularly suitable for use in battery-powered equipment. It is meant for mounting within the piece of equipment, e.g. in its battery case. When inserting the battery pack the connector gets engaged by means of the battery terminals. Equipped with spring-loaded contacts the connector features a steady low contact resistance.


  • Housing: Sealed to IP67 (dust tight and protected against the effects of immersion) even when unmated or protected to IP23 without sealing
  • Spring-loaded contacts: Very low contact resistance, hohe high vibration and shock resistance
  • Customized versions: Various versions available concerning contact travel, contact arrangement, etc.


  • Telecommunications: Military, measurement and communications engineering, e.g. Light Field Radio (LFR), Multi Role Radio (MRR), police radio sets
  • Industrial electronics: industrial PC, portable systems for industrial purposes, e.g. industrial laptop


NF04 series
Number of contacts4
Rated voltage12 V
Rated current Ie3 A max.
Contact resistance≤ 10 mΩ
Contact designSpring-loaded contacts
Contact force7.5 N/Pin max.
Contact materialCopper wrought alloy, gold plated
Contact terminal typeSolder: 0.5 mm² (AWG 20) ... 1.00 mm² (AWG 17)
Material, insertsThermoplastic
Sealing elementSilicone elastomer / Fluor-silicone elastomer
Vibration / Shock4 g in x, y and z direction up to 500 Hz
IP rating (IEC 60529)IP67 (0.2 bar/2h)
Mechanical endurance5.000 operating cycles
Temperature range–55° C ... +85° C
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