Multifunctional adapters for LV

Additional modules for charging connectors LV160/250 and LV320/400 series

Multifunctional adapters for LV160 and LV320 series charging connectors
Modular design of LV charging connectors extended

For companies which maintain their own lift truck fleet, battery management is crucial in sustaining truck uptime in their distribution centres.
Thanks to the modular design of the LV Series charging connectors Schaltbau can offer a flexible, scalable solution for the vehicle – battery – charger constellation.

Our new multifunctional adapter allows automatic water topping up of the battery cells through the coupled connector during the charge. For this purpose module holders can be attached to the connector shell in various positions to accommodate the adapters.

Multifunctional adapter: Multi purpose adapter for water top up and electrolyte circulation systems. The new feature that the flow of air and/or water is shut off when the connector is unmated ensures that no acid particles enter the interior of the vehicle.

Assembling inside charging connector.

Air tube adapter: Air blow-in system for batteries with electrolyte circulation.

Assembling in module holder on PLUS- side of charging connector.

Pilot contact adapter: Fitted with 2 contacts the adapter can be used for providing a data link between battery and charger.

Assembling in module holder on MINUS- side of charging connector.


Multifunctional adapters for LV-HPC
AdapterMultifunctional adapter / air tube adapter / pilot contact adapter
Adapter used forWater top up / Electrolyte circulation system (ECS) / 2 pilot contacts
Wire gaugePilot contact adapter: 2.5 mm²
Sealing matedMultifunctional adapter: 4 bar max. / air tube adapter: 0.8 bar max.
Acid resistance1.38 g/cm³ battery acid
Temperature rangeMultifunctional adapter, air tube adapter: > 0°C ... +65 °C / pilot contact adapter: -30°C ... +90 °C
IP rating (IEC 60529)IP23
Mating cycles5,000
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