LV - Series: Product Configuration

Configure your new LV charging connector by setting the six filters from „Current @ mm² | Connector series“ to „Handle type | color“. Please use the option „w/o“ if no feature is needed for the particular filter. The „Current @ mm² | Connector series“ selection limits the options of „Main contacts wire cross-section“ and vice versa.

Please note: If you want to change the „Current @ mm² | Connector series“ for an existing configuration, then set „Main contacts wire cross-section“ to „Not selected“, choose the new „Current @ mm² | Connector series“ and then select the appropriate „Main contacts wire cross-section“.

Current @ mm² | Connector series
Battery type, voltage key color
Connector type | Gender
Main contacts wire cross-section
Signal contacts, air tube @ wet cell
Handle type | color

Configuration not completed, please select all!
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