G28 – Modular Circular Connectors

7 pole connector with PE or 12, 16 and 24 pole connector without PE

G28 Series
Baureihe G28
Baureihe G28
Our G series connectors are of rugged design providing high-performance reliability and maximun safety in harsh environments. Their modular design lets you build the right connector for every application quickly and easily.

G18, G28, G42, G57 series: G series connectors come in 4 shell sizes and a variety of contact arrangements (2 to 48 contacts). The shells made of aluminium die-cast alloy and featuring bayonet or threaded coupling are highly resistant to shock, vibration and the harsh environmental conditions the connector is subjected toDie Sealed to IP54 and IP67 respectively, our G and GM Series circular connectors are dustproof, pressure proof and water protected. They are also resistant to the effects of most acids and alkalis as well as the extremes of temperature.


  • Shell size reflects the size of the contact insert which has a diameter of 28 mm
  • Contact arrangement: 7 pole connector with PE or 12, 16 and 24 pole connector without PE
  • Modular design
  • Rugged shell made of aluminium die-cast
  • Electrical and mechanical characteristics to IEC 61984


G Series connectors are specifically designed for applications where reliability under difficult conditions is paramount. The hammer-toned enamelled aluminium die-cast shell makes the connector resistant to a wide range of stresses as they occur in public transport, mining and metallurgy, the marine, construction site, and power plant equipment industries, as well as the environmental and food and beverage sectors.


G28 series
Number of contacts7+PE / 12 / 16 / 24
Wire gaugeAWG 20 ... 9 (0.5 ... 6 mm²)
Rated voltage7+PE: 230 V/400 V / 12-, 16-, 24-pole: 25 V
Rated current Ie7x 20 A / 12x 16 A / 16x 16 A / 24x 7.5 A
Contact resistance< 10 mΩ
Insulation resistance> 500 MΩ
Standard IEC 60068-1: tmin[°C]/        tmax[°C]/ttesting time[days]-25/100/21
IP rating (IEC 60529)Bayonet: IP54 / M42 thread: IP67
Mechanical endurance5,000
Temperature range-25° C ... +100° C
Material, shellsAluminium die-cast alloy
Material, insertsPolyamide-6, thermoset
Material, sealsPerbunane, neoprene
Shells, flammability ratingUL94V-0
Contact terminal typeCrimp / solder
Contact materialCopper wrought alloy / brass
Contact finishSilver
CouplingBayonet / M24 thread
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