Recording | Why energy storage needs special contactors

And what are the advantages

Energy storage systems are indispensable infrastructure in the context of the energy transition. Special battery storage concepts are needed to ensure that these energy storage systems can be operated reliably and safely.

Do you want to learn more about current battery storage concepts and the known problems that operators are currently facing? Then don’t miss this webinar recording.

Contents of the session

  • Definition of the area of application
  • Requirements for contactors in a BESS system
  • Consideration of the application differences between battery contactors, combiner switch and converter contactors
  • Problems caused by products currently installed on the market
  • Advantages of integrating the C303

Insights / Key take-aways

After reviewing our notes, you will have a solid understanding of the following points:

  • Energy Storage System (ESS) technical introduction
  • General structure of the ESS and the role of the contactor
  • Typical problems known on the market
  • How the problems can be solved with the new C303 contactor