On Demand | DC contactors - 4 myths and what's really behind them

Our experts tell you what DC contactors is really all about!

There have been persistent prejudices and myths about DC contactors for many years.
In this webinar, our experts will shed light with you on four of the most common DC contactor myths and explain what they are really about.

Contents of the webinar

In this webinar recording you will learn:
  • the role of gas encapsulation and quenching gases when switching off a DC arc.
  • the effects of arcs or plasma on non-enclosed DC contactors.
  • how to classify the risk of a DC contactor explosion and under what conditions.
  • why some DC contactors have problems with so-called “welding” and others do not.

Learnings / key-take-aways:

After the recording, you will know:
  • what the advantages and application areas of non-enclosed DC contactors are.
  • how safe non-enclosed DC contactors are.
  • what the potential explosion hazard of DC contactors is.
  • when and why DC contactors can weld and how this can be avoided.
  • what you need to be aware of when using DC contactors.

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Please note: This recording is currently only available in German.