C303 - Plug in. Power up.

Delivering groundbreaking new technology and unmatched performance in a compact design

Discover the newest addition to our Eddicy portfolio of solutions to help enable electrification for a sustainable future. Engineered for bidirectional DC applications, the C303 series offers unmatched performance suitable for a range of industries including stationary charging infrastructure, battery test benches, non-IATF electric vehicles, DC microgrids, intralogistics, and more.

“Through meticulous engineering and a tireless pursuit of excellence, the C303 series exemplifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.”
Steffen Munz, CEO, Schaltbau Group

Special features at a glance

  • Fully bidirectional, meeting key operational (KO) criteria for applications such as energy storage, charging stations, electric vehicles, and vehicle-to-grid (V2G)
  • Very low contact resistance of slightly over 100 µΩ, best-in-class performance with low contact warming and low power loss due to optimized contact pills
  • Properly designed coil drive with fast switch on and AgSnO2 contact tips result in superior performance in short time currents (5kA capacity for 20 milliseconds without contact welding) and high making capacity (currents up to 2kA without contact welding)
  • High diagnostic coverage and performance for security calculations due to NC aux contact with mirror contact function compliant with EN6047-4-1 Annex F
  • Smallest Schaltbau contactor for 350A Thermal current, complete plug-and-play capability
  • Full bidirectionality ensures seamless disconnection of high-output circuits, up to 1,200 amps/850 volts, regardless of current direction
  • Due to versatile auxiliary contact options – NC, NO & CO – the C303 series is compatible with various system configurations
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A DC contactor for the world of tomorrow!

Ultra-low contact resistance
With an ultra-low contact resistance of just above 100 µΩ, power loss is minimized and system efficiency is optimized. Due to the 2-3 times reduced warming of the contacts compared to competitors, the series boasts superior thermal management capabilities. This translates to enhanced reliability and longevity.
Designed for high inrush currents or capacitances
C303 contactors have a making capacity of 2,000 amps. Continuously carrying up to 350 amps, they withstand short-circuit currents of up to 4,000 amperes for 20 milliseconds staying fully functional with no contact welding – setting new standards for functionality in short time currents.
Enhancing system responsiveness & efficiency
The well-designed coil drive ensures rapid switch-on times, enhancing system responsiveness and efficiency. The use of AgSnO2 contact tips minimizes fire or explosion risks, ensuring operational safety.

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