Battery contactor for electric forklifts

In battery-powered industrial trucks, C110B DC contactors operate reliably as main and auxiliary contactors.

DC contactor Series C110B

High-performance forklifts have to quickly and safely transport loads weighing several tons to the maximum lift height. In addition, they should be emission-free and quiet.
That increasingly makes electric forklifts the first choice. But it increases the requirements, too. In particular, this applies to simultaneous travelling and lifting, and emergency stops. Electric industrial trucks operate at the usual voltage levels in conjunction with currents up to max. 300 A – and this is exactly where C110B series DC contactors are used.

What tasks do C110B battery contactors perform?

As the main contactor, they reliably disconnect the traction battery from the electrical drive.

Why Schaltbau C110B DC contactors are used:
  • Cost-optimised contact system: optimised material usage (e.g. silver and copper); with comparable endurance
  • Closed contact housing: prevents ingress of dust and dirt (IP40)
  • Double-break contacts
  • Contact system is designed for the new endurance requirements of electric industrial trucks

Battery contactor for electric industrial trucks

C110B – bidirectional battery contactorC110B – bidirectional battery contactor

DC contactor for battery voltages up to 48 V (80 volt Ui). Four sizes up to 60, 100, 150 and 240 A.

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DC contactors for electric industrial trucks