NExT Factory: Sustainable and unique factory concept at the high-tech location of Bavaria

Our new production plant is characterized by continuous emission-free factory operation, completely CO2-free production and a sustainable and highly efficient energy concept.

Energy transition requires ideas and a pioneering spirit. With this in mind, Schaltbau has builtthe NExT Factory from scratch. The factory will be almost completely supplied by a direct current network.
To achieve this, we connect the PV system with 1,300 kW peak directly to the energy storage systems and consumers.
The advantages:

  • The connected load from the public grid decreases depending on the application by up to 70%
  • Conversion and transmission losses are minimally reduced. As a result, a DC network is up to 15% more efficient than a three-phase network.
  • In combination with an intelligent energy management system and a combination of energy and heat storage, we reduce the energy costs of our NExT Factory by 35 percent.

However, the use of DC technology is not only a commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency in operation: around 25% copper piping material is also saved in construction.

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