Schaltbau at “The Battery Show Europe”

Safe e-mobility, even on long journeys

Munich, May 22nd, 2023: The megatrend of electrification is the focus of “The Battery Show Europe”, which will take place from May 23rd to 25th, 2023 in Stuttgart. At the trade fair, Schaltbau GmbH is showing its latest contactor for electromobility, which is optimized for the needs of long-range 800-volt vehicles and offers maximum safety.

Almost a fifth of global CO2 emissions are produced by road vehicles. Electromobility is therefore a core element for the success of the energy transition and the reduction of CO2 emissions. In order to make e-mobility compatible for long distances and large cars, the automotive industry is working flat out on 800-volt vehicles. With the C801, Schaltbau is presenting a contactor designed for long distances and large electric vehicles for the first time at “The Battery Show Europe”.

800 volt vehicles are equipped with two 400 volt battery banks. They are connected in parallel when charging, but in series when driving, so that 800 volts are available. Due to this dual requirement, the junction box of 800-volt vehicles requires additional contactors that do not close uncontrolled even under high mechanical stress, such as in the event of an accident. The C801 contactor from Schaltbau has a patented mechanical interlocking system (interlock) that prevents the contacts from closing even in the event of extreme shocks and at the same time it does not consume any power either when driving or charging at an 800V charging point. This reduces the vehicle’s power consumption and prevents additional heat in the junction box.

Full charge in a short time? But safe – with DC contactors

According to a survey in Germany, 71% of respondents still feel that the range of e-vehicles is too short. In addition, e-mobility drivers do not want to spend time at the charging station.They want to drive. The expansion of a public rapid charging infrastructure with direct current, which enables charging within a few minutes, is therefore picking up. In 2021, the annual growth rate for fast charging points exceeded that of normal charging for the first time.
Schaltbau contactors ensure the necessary safety for people, the charging infrastructure and the vehicle in DC fast charging stations for cars, buses and commercial vehicles. DC contactors also switch off safely under load and interrupt the flow of current in an emergency
Among other things, Schaltbau offers the C300 type single-pole DC contactor. Despite its compact design, this switches the high power required for fast charging. All versions can carry up to 500 amps continuously; in the event of a short circuit, 6,000 amps can flow for 20 milliseconds without the contacts welding. The contactor thus retains its full function in order to separate large powers if necessary.

Schaltbau at The Battery Show Europe:
  • Daily from 9am to 5pm at booth 8E07

About Schaltbau:

1929 als Entwickler und Hersteller von Schutzschaltern für die Bahnindustrie in München gegründet, ist die Schaltbau GmbH heute ein weltweit tätiges Innovations- und Wachstumsunternehmen für Schutz- und Sicherungslösungen in den Märkten Energy, Industry, Mobility sowie Rail. Die Produkte und kundenspezifischen Lösungen sind technologisch auf Gleichstrom ausgerichtet, der einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Energiewende leistet.


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