New "IntelliArm“ driver desk solution launches with European roadshow

SPII S.p.A. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schaltbau GmbH and global center of competence for control device solutions. As a leader in the design and development of integrated driver desks, control panels and components for trains, subways and trams, SPII provides products and services for all the major manufacturers of rolling stock all over the world. The Red Dot awarded IntelliArm for product design stands for the innovation power of SPII.

The IntelliArm is a complete driver desk solution with uncountable advantages for driver and car builder. It is based on an integrative design approach, that places the human being centre stage and conceptually considers the console as an interface between man and machine. The focus is on ergonomics and the user experience. The design has succeeded in increasing comfort and clarity in order to reduce physical discomfort during long hours of driving. It has also effectively increased the field of vision and thus makes traffic safer.
Moreover, the design is flexible and adaptable to different vehicles. Thanks to its simplified structure, which was optimised to reduce the size of the internal components, IntelliArm can be easily installed even after the completion of the cabin, and it grants total accessibility for maintenance.

In order to give customers the posibility to experience the new driver desk, SPII is starting a European Tour on board of a van in an unprecedented roadshow!

From June 8 to August 9, 2022 the SPII team will be travelling acorss Europe on three routes:

Route 1 (Spain – France – Switzerland) June 08 – 21, 2022
Route 2 (Switzerland – France – Belgium) July 05 – 16, 2022
Route 3 (Germany – Poland – Austria) July 25- August 09, 2022

The SPII team is looking forward to meeting with new and existing customers along the way.

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New "IntelliArm“ driver desk solution launches with European roadshow