Selecting the right contactors

Source: #MES INSIGHTS 2021

DC power contactors ensure safe operation in the drive train in electric vehicles, among other things. The experts at Schaltbau GmbH know how to select the right contactor.

To disconnect the inverter in the drive train of an electrically operated aircraft tractor, the manufacturer was looking for a bidirectional DC contactor. Since the braking energy is recovered and fed back into the battery pack, bidirectionality was an important selection criterion. He made the right choice at Schaltbau GmbH. A C310 contactor is used. With air as the insulating medium, there is no risk of leaking, unlike encapsulated/gas-filled contactors. The high current-carrying capacity was also decisive. In the selected C310A/500 version, the contactor can carry up to 500 A permanently; in the event of a short circuit, even 3000 A may flow for one second without the contact welding.

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Selecting the right contactors